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10% off your first service We are now happy to annouce the introduction of our 10% discount for new customers on their first service with us. To take advantage of this offer please mention the discount when you contact us.

Contact Details

T: 07908680261

E: Click Here

you can also contact us using the contact form on the Contact Us page

We are able to provide services to Milton Keynes and surrounding areas

What we do best

We use the traditional cleaning method which involves the use of a squeegee and scrim. This ensures each window is cleaned and inspected to our excellent high standard finish. We also have the use of a pole system using ionised water for those much higher windows i.e. 3 or more stories and also hard to reach places. We try to ensure that we use traditional methods when ever possible, however with safety in mind, for higher or difficult to reach windows the pole system will be used.

What you can expect

You should find a our standard package offers a well round cleaning service. As standard, it will include:

  • Windows cleaned, washed and dried to a high standard
    streak free and super clean.
  • Window frames and windowcils washed
    a clean window is nothing without a clean frame and cil.
  • Doors washed
    to match your clean windows.
  • Cobwebs cleared
    nothing left uncleaned.
  • Bonded contanminents removed
    we even remove the harder stuff.

Extra Services

Some details about the extra services we offer

  • Inside Window Cleaning
    Booked in advance for a time and day convenient for you. Windows are cleaned, dried, along with frames and cils.
  • Guttering Cleaning
    Cleared of all debris to allow for better drainage.
  • Conservatory Cleaning
    Using a variety of cleaning equipment including an extended pole system we can clean all the hard to reach areas of your conservatory.

How much?

Prices vary depending on the service required and number of windows. Please give us a call or use the contact form to get a quote.